The New World Order

The New World Order

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I think most of us have heard the phrase “New World Order” mentioned at least once in recent years. I have analysed the meaning behind this phrase and I want to share with you what I’ve discovered. The New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government. This government will almost exclusively be made up of Zionist Jews. These Jews envision themselves as supreme rulers over a world of obedient slaves. They have worked towards this goal for centuries. Its only in recent years that their plans have started to become more noticeable to the non-Jew or “Goy” as they refer to us.

In 1773, a Jewish banker by the name Mayer Amschel Rothschild convinced other influential Jews it was possible to gain control of the world. Rothschild with the help of Adam Weishaupt set up a secret society.  “Order of the Illuminati” was founded May 1st, 1776. It’s objectives included the following

  1. Abolition of all ordered governments
  2. Abolition of private property
  3. Abolition of inheritance
  4. Abolition of patriotism
  5. Abolition of the family
  6. Abolition of religion
  7. Creation of a world government

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In 1884 a now infamous Jew by the name Karl Marx wrote  “The Communist Manifesto”. Marx was a “League of the Just” member, a front organisation of the Illuminati. Marx advocated Moral and Spiritual change as well as backing the changes already being sought by the society. He hated the family unit and wanted children removed from their parents and brought up by a central authority. Marx believed he could unite workers of the world. He was proven wrong. Workers proved their loyalty was with their respective countries. This failure was to pave the way for something far more damaging than anything the West had ever seen. That something is “Cultural Marxism”.

Cultural Marxism was the creation of  Jews hailing from the Frankfurt school in Germany.  Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm were the leading names of the school at that time. They planned to use Cultural Marxism to corrupt Western Values and Morals. Ultimately they plan on the total destruction of Western Culture. This would leave the door open for Communism to take over. From this position they could start to implement a European-wide Communist government  and eventually a One World Government. We see this happening already. The European Union is Communism disguised as Democracy.

Other Jews working towards their planned world takeover have written a very informative manuscript called ” the protocols of the learned elders of Zion”. The information contained in the Protocols was not intended for the “Goyim”. Its important that we make use of this information. I would encourage everyone to watch the following video…

This secret society has successfully controlled government’s and manipulated the masses for a very long time. They have no qualms about assassinating anyone who attempts to thwart their plans.  One such man was John F. Kennedy , 35th president of the United States. He was one of the last US presidents not controlled by the Jews.  A week before he was assassinated he delivered a speech in which he said, ” there is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot”. He was murdered as a direct result of these words.

The new world being created will have a population without National pride. Precisely what the Jews are aiming for. A world of coffee-coloured people lacking  heritage, tradition, culture and a land they feel connected to. This new human will be easily controlled and a slave without realising it. In creating this new human the Jews are destroying diversity. Which is ironic given that “diversity” is one of the buzz-words being bandied about by the Jew. Diversity is nothing more than a code-word for White Genocide.

The Illuminati realise the power of the media and how it can shape public opinion. We see almost total control of Western media in the hands of the Jew. They pump out a narrative that works toward their goals. They talk about open-borders and tolerance. The politically correct West are afraid to challenge this narrative for fear of being labelled racist, bigoted or several other labels. Political Correctness is another tentacle of Cultural Marxism!

How are we going to change the course we are headed on? Firstly, educating ourselves. Dismiss the term “conspiracy theory” and look at the facts. All the information is there at the click of a button. Secondly, educating others and getting organised. Once we become aware of what’s going on, we must awaken others. As soon as we have been successful in showing others the light, we need to start holding meetings. We need to brain-storm and devise ways to counter these Jews. Thirdly, we need to take action. It’s no good talking about what’s going on if we don’t do something about it. What that something is I’m not sure. Collectively we will come up with the answers.

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Dan Nolan




Open borders

Open borders 

Who benefits from open borders and what’s their agenda? Everyday we watch as thousands of non-whites stampede across Europe. Europeans are told we must help these people. We are told different stories as too why we must accept this invasion. We are told these people are ‘refugees, migrants, temporary guest worker’s ‘ and a host of other names. As soon as it’s discovered that these people aren’t any of the above mentioned the story changes.

These people are motivated by religious hatred for one. The criminals presiding over the European Parliament openly encourage these invaders with promises of free housing and money. These invaders are Muslims for the most part and are intent on spreading their evil ideology across Europe.

Why though are our politicians facilitation this invasion you might ask? I’ll tell you now. Our elected representatives don’t represent us at all. The majority are Jewish and serve Jewish interests. The European Union is Communism masquerading as Democracy. The ultimate goal of these Communists is the downfall of Western Culture and the mongeralization of the European.

The Jews envision a “coffee-coloured” Europe, to use the words of Richard Kalergi. The Jews realize after past failed attempts at creating this worldwide Communism that it was Western Culture that stood in their way. Europeans proved their loyalty was with their respective countries.

The Jews are attempting to create a new European. This dark-skinned European will have less National pride and will be easily controlled. That is one of the reasons we see this non-stop human flood hitting Europe. The other reason and as equally important will be the resulting war fought between Europeans and Muslims. This war will again weaken the European.

I feel compelled to try awaken others to the dangers we face as a race. We are running out of time. Burying your head in the sand won’t stop this Genocide. Don’t be fooled into believing this is just a ‘refugee’ crisis. It’s been proven that less than 10% are actual refugees. The rest are enemy combatants, religiously motivated and intent on destroying us. Don’t assume politicians will help us. They won’t! We must realize we are the only ones who can put a stop to this. Get out there and get active.

Dan Nolan

The Holocaust?

The Holocaust?

Much has been written about the second world war and the Holocaust. I wont go into much detail about the reason I feel that war was unavoidable for Hitler’s Germany. Instead I want to focus on the holocaust and some inconsistencies I’ve found with the official story.

As a young man I believed the official story as presented to me. How could I not? I saw the footage of the terrible atrocities that befell the Jews. The dead bodies, the ovens and of course the “gas chambers”.

It wasn’t until years later while scrolling through Youtube videos that I discovered a guy by the name of Ernst Zundle. Ernst was a German man who had lived in Canada for many years. Growing up in Germany, Ernst also believed in the Holocaust. That was until he moved to Canada where he had access to a different version of events. Ernst very quickly realised, he may not have been given an accurate account of events, regarding the holocaust. The information he obtained was to set the course for his life. He dedicated his life trying to expose the truth of that time period. Ernst published a pamphlet “did six million really die?” This landed him before the courts on charges of spreading false news. Ernst decided to use his new platform to spread his message, the truth, to as many people as possible. He became involved in some highly publicized court cases.

Midway through one of his trials on the 20th of April, a significant date for reasons obvious to anyone interested in National Socialism. Ernst called Fred Leuchter to give a report to the court. This now famous report, named “the Leuchter report”, absolutely destroyed the holocaust story. (The report is available on youtube).

Fred at that time was a holocaust believer himself. Fred was asked by Ernst to travel to these supposed gas chambers. His job was to collect data IE. test for Zyklon B in the walls of the chambers and make observations. Fred concluded that it was  “ludicrous to even suggest that these chambers could of supported gas executions”. A few reasons Fred gave for this conclusion were the fact that his samples tested negative for the deadly gas. He also observed two inch gaps beneath the doors and some chambers without doors at all. He also reported inadequate heating, light bulbs and switches within the chambers that would surely of created an explosion, had the highly dangerous gas been delivered.

I want people to do their own research on this topic.I’m only scratching the surface here. There is a mountain of evidence to support the theory that these gas chambers never existed.  It’s important that this injustice is made right. The German people are guilt ridden and are suffering terribly as a result of believing this lie. They have opened up their borders to hostile Muslims who for the most part hate them. They are in the grip of Jewish Communists and have been since 1945. The German people need justice. Not just those living today, but also those brave men and women who fought and died that Germans might one day be free to live in peace. Please wake up people.

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